Soy sauce brands

I've realized my gf and I go through a bottle of soy sauce about every 2 weeks. Like we do with EVOO, I'd like to keep 2 cheap one for when it goes in recipes and another, better one for when we dip sushi or add to soups etc. Does anyone have recommendations for a good, high end brand of soy sauce (preferable one sold here in Canad'uh) ? Bonus points if it's low sodium.



dinner A. November 5, 2015
check out the Spilled Milk podcast episode on soy sauce. They talk about what differentiates the various grades and types of soy sauce. Their recommendation for a general use (including dipping, etc) soy sauce is this:
Yamasa makes a large range of soy sauces, not just crappy stuff that goes in takeout packets.
It's good and actually quite inexpensive.
702551 November 5, 2015
I'm buying a middle-tier soy sauce at my local Japanese market (we have tons of them in NorCal). It's from Chiba Shoyu and for sure it is not high-end judging by the prices on the store shelf.

I use soy sauce judiciously and sparingly, so this works for me.

No more Kikkoman or Yamasa in my cupboard.
Windischgirl November 5, 2015
I buy Yamasa "Less Salt Soy Sauce" by the gallon at my local pan-Asian grocery store. I like it because of it's great flavor, reduced sodium level, preservatives! (I cannot figure out why soy sauce needs preservatives since it IS a preservative, but that's just me.)
You could go to a pan -Asian grocery and ask what their big seller is...or do some taste testing on your own.
PieceOfLayerCake November 4, 2015
I don't know about high-end, but I usually buy San-J tamari instead of traditional, Chinese soy sauce. Its 100% soy, wheat-free, and usually less salty in flavor than traditional soy sauce. Its darker, and richer in flavor, in my opinion. In my experience, "high-end" doesn't often equal better, but since soy sauce tends to be pretty cheap, just buy a bunch and give em a go. Tamari is Japanese in origin, so it stands to reason that it would be a better fit for dipping sushi into.
CanadaDan November 5, 2015
never thought about Tamari..might give that a try. thanks!
Susan W. November 4, 2015
I buy a wonderful artisnal soy that I just love. I would personally not seek out low sodium in a high quality. You use much less of it. This is meant to be drizzled like you would a precious Balsamic.

This one is reportedly very good, but I haven't used it.

If those are too spendy, I love this as well.
Kristen W. November 4, 2015
Search the hotline for "Asian condiments and staples". You'll get answers to that question and more!
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