Ginormous Thai Dried Squid Sheets!

Richo is the brand. Squid cured with surimi,chili, sugar, S&P,flour. The flat squid sheets are about 18" long x 6" wide!
I bought them iirc, to 'tear pieces off and chew". But have you used/seen them used? Do some Thai cooks use them like nori sheets and roll things in them? or maybe they're too chewy to do which case, maybe they could be pre-soaked......Yep, you might have guessed that I am afraid to open them and experiment! My kitchen already looks like a hurricane came through (3 simultaneous projects going) and yet I have to seriously control myself from jumping into a fruitcake production, and then this squid...!! But, assuming i CAN control/postpone other projects, I would love to hear from you!

LeBec Fin


LeBec F. December 2, 2015
o.k., curiosity got the cat.......
Man this stuff is WICKED sweet. Imagine the flavor of dried squid (clean, sea taste) w/ some chili heat and a LOT of sweet. If it just didn't have all that sugar, I could more easily figure out what to do with it. I'm going to try brushing it w/ tamari and see if that soaks in and successfully trumps the sweet. If so, i could make some cool things w/ this. It is not tough like fruit leather; very easy to chew, so maybe Maki filled with Tobiko and pickled Japanese gobo and daikon....or Tomago without the sugar. Anyway, it can be cut into whatever shape and size you want; it's moist and flexible and rollable (think a thicker nori sheet except it's the color of a waffle cone) . Any of you looking to surprise some foodie friends could have a blast with it...!
HalfPint December 1, 2015
Tear in thin shreds and add to a Thai-style salad like a green papaya salad. Add some crispy fried shallots and you've got yummy goodness. My mom made this salad when we were growing up. And I always loved it. Still do.

We also added shredded squid to amp up our instant ramen soup.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 1, 2015
Naomi Duguid wrote in with the following: "I have never worked with those large sheets of dried squid, though in Thailand I have snacked on single dried squid with pleasure. They come as flat translucent snacks, salty a little sweet, and are delicious.
With the large sheets I would start by cutting off a portion and soaking it in a little water, then shredding it or chopping it finely It would be a great addition to soups...or stir-fries.
And I think the shredded squid, slightly softened (after soaking), would be delicious deep-fried, in small clumps."
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