What kind of skillet should I use for melting cheese un-greased? Nonstick, fry pan-aluminium, cast iron? I ask because our apartment is "blessed"...

...with an electric range and I am having an unlucky streak with it (read: lots of smoke, lots of burned butter...).

  • Posted by: Kayla
  • November 30, 2015


Oaklandpat January 19, 2017
I just made it with my new non stick pan. It worked beautifully... the cheese creates a crust on the bottom, and it just slides off.
Nancy December 1, 2015
And I find I great great controlled low heat cooking with a cast iron fry pan.
Kayla December 1, 2015
good knowledge in general :) thanks Nancy!
Ali S. November 30, 2015
Hi batbean: I have had great luck making this with a nonstick pan. Cheers to smoke-free, burn-free eggs!
Kayla December 1, 2015
cheers indeed!! thanks Ali.
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