Too much liquid? 1C water & 1C cream to 5 1/3C flour seems like a lot-- my dough is like a batter - before I get to adding the butter. Is that ok?

Kindred's Milk Bread
Recipe question for: Kindred's Milk Bread


A L. May 12, 2016
I agree with ktr. I cooked the roux for the full 5 min and it did become much thicker. Please try it again because it really does work. You could use the weights that are listed in the comments section.
ktr December 12, 2015
I just made these today and the amounts worked perfectly for me. Did you cook the flour and water on the stovetop until I thick?
margot493 December 12, 2015
I did - until it was thickening 'like a roux' but looser...the only thing different was that I used all purpose flour because I didn't have bread flour. I didn't think it would make that much difference. Or maybe it's my understanding of how thick the 'not quite roux' should be... anyway, the batter/dough is rising nicely but I don't know if it'll come out right in the end...will let y'all know. thanks for reply.
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