Does anyone have a favorite brand of fish sauce? Thanks!



ADS January 12, 2011
Three Crabs, for sure.
lifestooshort January 12, 2011
Many thanks, all--I'm off to Chinatown this afternoon!
pierino January 11, 2011
Per Bella's comment, the name actually is Three Crabs, and that's what I would go with.
bella S. January 11, 2011
Can't locate the bottle. I may have run out of it. The label has three crabs on it, and I believe that is also it's name. I buy it in Asian grocery stores. Do you live in a city where there are Asian grocery stores. If not, your choices may be limited.
healthierkitchen January 11, 2011
Golden Boy, the one with the baby on the label
nutcakes January 11, 2011
ah yes, Kasma reccomends Tra Chang too
nutcakes January 11, 2011
This lady's reccomendations are always solid: Golden Boy, Squid, King Crab, Anchovy

I like 3 Crabs too
Martin69 January 11, 2011
Tra Chang "Gold Label" Premium Fish Sauce, Aged 2 Years. Here is "the best of the best" Tra Chang Gold Label. You'll probably have to go to an Asian specialty food store to find it though. Good luck.
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