Is a 5 qt dutch oven large enough to make this recipe?

A Lighter Lamb Stew
Recipe question for: A Lighter Lamb Stew


AllyKrue January 4, 2016
So the 5 Qt. dutch oven worked just fine -- although it was a very close call! I cooked the mushrooms down as LBC suggested and cut up the potatoes and onion as well. I had a backup plan (a second casserole + aluminum foil) but I didn't need it after all.
Nancy January 4, 2016
Great! Good to hear it worked out so well.
LE B. January 3, 2016
I did read the recipe, and my best guess is that it WILL fit in your pot. My one suggestion is that you slice and saute your mushrooms before adding(along with all their pan juices)to the stew per her directions. They will have alot more flavor that way.
If I were making it, I would also cut the onion into wedges (including the root end) and ditto the potatoes, but ymmv. They will both give and receive more flavor that way.
Nancy January 3, 2016
LBF - agree with your suggestions about the mushroom & onion.
AllyKrue - there you have it, 2 very different guesses. Please tell us if/when you make the recipe, if you made a whole recipe and in what size pot.
Nancy January 3, 2016
I think that by the time the stew cooks down it would fit, but maybe be too big at the start.
3 possible alternatives:
1) Use a bigger pan, like a roasting pan or lasagne pan for the whole recipe, and make a cover of double-fold aluminium foil.
2) Make half the recipe or split the recipe in two oven-proof pans.
3) Use the 5-qt Dutch oven, but start cooking with half the vegetables and, if necessary, half the meat, add the held-back ingredients about halfway through, when everything will have cooked down a bit.
AllyKrue January 3, 2016
Thanks to you both! I'm visiting my Dad and he only has a limited selection of pots. I'll update once I've decided what to do and let you know how it turns out!!
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