Need help quick! I have an overly moist pumpkin cake in the oven. Center is still wobbly. How long can I leave it in past rec. cook time and will it ever firm up?



Joan S. October 9, 2022
While I like moist cake, I do not like overly moist cake. It seems that pumpkin bread or cake is way too moist for my liking. I am looking for suggestions too. Thanks
ChefDaddy January 12, 2011
I noticed this happens every time I do something pumpkin. I have to usually cook for twice or three time longer than rec. The trick is to make sure like suggested that it doesn't burn around the edges or the top and the foil is a great trick but try to keep it loose as to not build up steam. I also have cut the pumpkin by half in my muffin and cake recipe's to avoid this happening again.
drbabs January 12, 2011
Ugh. This happened to me recently, too. In addition to what syronai said, if your cake is not in the middle of the oven, try centering it. And just watch it. Your oven temperature my be off a little and it just might take a little more time. Good luck!
maryvelasquez January 12, 2011
Thank you! I'll keep an eye on the edges.
beyondcelery January 12, 2011
I'd check it every 5-10min until it seems much firmer, then every 5min till it's done. You can also carefully lay foil over the top to keep it from getting too dark while it finishes baking. It should firm up eventually, though do watch the edges for burning. If they start to pull away from the sides of the pan, it's done or very close. If you're still worried about it after about 15 more minutes, lower the cooking temp by about 25 degrees and continue to bake. Good luck! You'll know it's a lost cause if the edges burn and the center stays wobbly.
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