Unusual Kale Soups?

Is it just me or has someone out there figured out a way to do a 52 Search for ? I have leftover kale from a testing project, and I've been looking for some Unusual kale soup recipes, preferably with grains and/or dried legumes. This is all i've found so far; it has cashew cream in it and spices heavy on pimenton:

Anyone know of others you might link? When I ask for 'unusual' I don't mean to insult simple soups, it's just that I already have alot of those recipes. Thx much for your help!

LeBec Fin


stacy January 11, 2016
I just saw this parmesan broth with kale and beans on smitten kitchen which looks really good -
Susan W. January 11, 2016
Agreed. This looks so good. Just called my store so they can protect a lb of rinds for me. Can't wait to make this.
boymeetsgirlmeetsfood January 10, 2016
don't know if this one qualifies as unusual, but it's one of our favourite ways to use kale in soup!

rt21 January 10, 2016
All Recipes.com has a lot of kale soup recipes you might find something interesting there
Patricia January 10, 2016
Perhaps consider soups where you could substitute kale for the existing green, to widen your search. There's an interesting spelt and escarole soup online.
702551 January 10, 2016
Yes, I was going to mention, hopefull Le Bec Fin considers such options. Collard greens, chard, spinach, maybe cabbage are all possibilities to search for, with the goal of replacing those greens with kale.
Smaug January 10, 2016
Caldo Verde (Portuguese) is a classic. It's not unusual there, but maybe here.
C S. January 10, 2016
I grew up eating kale soup from the Danish neighbor's recipe. We all grew kale in the cool Pacific Northwest. The broth is from a ham bone, oatmeal is the thickener and I don't remember the other details. The kale is chopped and it is a soothing not dramatic soup. If you are interested I can find the recipe in my mom's old cookbook. Let me know.
702551 January 9, 2016
I suggest you don't use this site's wimpy search engine. Use Google, they are an Internet giant who are the experts on search technology.

Just type in what you are searching for; you have the option of using advanced search parameters, like restricting your inquiry to one domain if you care.

Of course, the Food52 search is limited to Food52 recipes, it does not return any recipes from other reputable sites.

This is why my profile has zero saved recipes. I don't save any recipes here or at any of the other food sites I've registered to because if I do, I have to remember which site a particular recipe is hosted on. I am actually using Evernote to bookmark recipes. Thus I can go to Evernote and find all of the recipes that I've noted as interesting and I don't need to remember which freaking site I found it.

This is one of the critical shortcomings of site-specific bookmarking. Food52 doesn't want you to "fave" recipes at Serious Eats, Epicurious, Gourmet, Sunset, TheKitchn, wherever. Evernote doesn't give a hoot what I save to a notebook.
702551 January 9, 2016
Disclaimer: I have no connection whatsoever to Evernote. There are a ton of bookmarking services (Pocket, Instapaper, etc.).

Not infrequently, we see Hotline posts like "Please help me find ____ recipe; I thought I saw it here, but I can't find it." Maybe that person bookmarked it on whatever site the recipe appeared at, but now can't remember what that site was. That's why site-specific bookmarks/faves are of highly questionable usefulness.
LeBec F. January 9, 2016
here's the link to the cashew and kale soup
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