Help identify pumpkin variety/type please!?!

can anyone identify what type of pumpkin this is?. its really cheap where i live and am very curious!.
thank you

  • Posted by: Jam
  • January 16, 2016
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nancy E. January 19, 2016
It does look like a kabocha
mainecook61 January 18, 2016
I agree with the Kabocha votes. It's not a buttercup; the ones piled in my spare bedroom, are more uniformly dark green, without those markings. Squash are so promiscuous that it could be a cross that someone in your area is growing. That could account for the inferior quality. The suggestion to look on the Johnnys Selected Seeds web site is also a good one.
Jam January 16, 2016
another one...
Scott H. January 16, 2016
Shape and stringiness imply something other than kabocha. Have you asked at your market?
702551 January 16, 2016
That is not your photograph. That image is on a webpage (dated 2012) that identifies it as Caribbean pumpkin:

Jam January 16, 2016
some additional images....if it helps
Greenstuff January 16, 2016
Is that your image? It's also on this website,
which identifies the plant as calabaza.
Jam January 17, 2016
not my own image i found it via google search, it was almost identical to the one i have at hime
702551 January 16, 2016
Looks like a kabocha, many are not uniformly colored. Just do a Google image search if you want confirmation.
Susan W. January 16, 2016
It looks like a Buttercup squash to me. #11 on this chart.
Scott H. January 16, 2016
That would be my guess, although most kabocha have uniform color (grey, greenish, or orange). How big is it? Have you eaten any? Jonny's Seeds sells a variety called "Bliss" that looks similar:
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