Can you tell me how much vanilla I am to add to the Chocolate dipped Wine Glasses? Thank you

Chocolate dipped Wine Glasses
Recipe question for: Chocolate dipped Wine Glasses


702551 February 12, 2016
Yes, good to know. For sure not every food website is configured that way, I'm glad to hear that Food52 is does this.
702551 February 11, 2016
As always, when you encounter a discrepancy with an online recipe, the first thing you should do is contact the recipe author. That alerts that person that the same error may be present in some or all of the other places that the recipe has been posted (cross-posting recipes is very commonplace these days).

I did do a quick search and did not find this recipe elsewhere, so my suggestion would be to use 1/2 teaspoon as I find vanilla extract to be rather strong.

Also, I am curious as how the author can get eight glasses of wine out of a single bottle. In my house, I think I can serve maybe two people with a standard-sized bottle. ;-)
Stephanie February 12, 2016
Worth noting that the question thing can be kind of confusing to newer users - I have previously been 'caught in the trap' on this. There's a tab at the bottom of a recipe for questions (which one could easily figure is the appropriate place to ask a question about a recipe) but that actually posts the question to the hotline, rather than (more appropriately) sending it to the recipe author. Easy to assume you're contacting the author when that's not the context F52 has chosen for 'questions.'

And I agree with your wine servings cv - just had that situation over dinner last night. ;-)
Lindsay-Jean H. February 12, 2016
Just an FYI that actually both things happen -- the question gets posted on the Hotline, but the recipe author is notified of the question as well!
Stephanie February 12, 2016
Ah! Good to know. Thanks for clearing that up.
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