Sticky or Regular Rice for Bibimbap?

Sticking another toe into Asian cooking. Should I use sticky rice or regular rice for Korean Bibimbap?

  • Posted by: Melusine
  • February 14, 2016


Melusine February 15, 2016
Thank you all!
paczryk February 15, 2016
You want to use short-grain white rice as is common in East Asian cooking. It is commonly called "sushi rice". Though this rice cooks up to a stickier, less "fluffy" texture than rices that are more common in western cooking, it is NOT the same as "sticky rice" which is also called "glutinous rice" "mochi rice", or "sweet rice". This is the brand of rice that is in my pantry right now; there are many other comparable brands. If you don't have a rice cooker, I'd recommend ladyandpups' tutorial for cooking perfect white rice, it yields a nicely bouncy texture that is not too wet/sticky that I think is perfect for Bibimbap.
LeBec F. February 14, 2016
melusine, in addition to susan's post, you could use my 52 fusion style sticky rice recipe as the body of the bibimbap:

if you're going to eat white rice anyway, sticky rice is such a tactile and fun way to go!

Susan W. February 14, 2016
I personally use whichever rice I'm in the mood for. White, brown, basmati, Jasmine, sticky, long grain. However, here's a link to my favorite Korean recipe source and her 3 part seminar on rice. She calls her rice "perfectly sticky".

Also, in case you haven't found one, here is her recipe for Bibimbap that I always use. It's so delicious. Make extra of the sauce. I usually double it.
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