I don't have black bean sauce but I do have fermented black beans. Can I substitute those just by mashing, without worrying about any of the othe...

...r ingredients one would find in the sauce? Thank you so much. (I'm making this tonight!) ;o



HalfPint April 1, 2016
@AJ, I think you can. All those ingredients in the recipe are in Ming Tsai's recipe for black bean-garlic sauce, so you should be ok. Here's the recipe: @AJ, you can make black bean sauce with those fermented black beans: https://www.ming.com/food-and-wine/recipes/season-1/black-bean-garlic-sauce.htm

I think you can make this. Doesn't look like it takes that long to make a batch.
HalfPint April 1, 2016
Oops, don't know what happened. Sorry for the double post.

BTW, soak the beans in some water to reduce the saltiness.
jeinde April 1, 2016
I looked at my jar of black bean sauce and here are the ingredients: fermented black beans, garlic, miso, sugar, naturally brewed soy sauce, salt, vinegar, cornstarch, ginger. So if you doctor it up a little, it should work.
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