Best wine recs for Chinese? Potstickers, Seabass, etc?



latoscana January 26, 2011
Champagne goes with everything.
bella S. January 26, 2011
Alsatian whites are the way to go. A dry, crisp, spicy Gewurttaminer would be a winner.
bofbox January 26, 2011
If you live near a Trader Joe's I highly recommend an Alsatian Gewürztraminer. It's sweet yet with spicy food is always a nice surprise.
Anitalectric January 26, 2011
Potstickers and other Chinese appetizers are great with lager beer!
jwolfsthal January 26, 2011
German whites go very well, especially with any spicy chinese or thai. If you are using a soy or chili dipping sauce for the dumplings or the fish, then a dry or slightly sweet Reisling would be terrific. Another option is a dry rose - great NYT article this weekn on not keeping Rose for the summer.
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