I did not so step #4 I did boil jars and tops I made this chutney 2 days ago jar tops have popped and are tightened can I till boil for 10 minute...

...s? Not sue what to do now. Thank you Magenta on Kauai HI so fortunate to have a champagne mango tree in my yar



MEGINCDA July 3, 2016
Be careful of boiling the tops. Years ago when I first started canning I had a series of jam jars that wouldn't seal. I was told by the Ball Company expert that the cause was the boiling and that the water should be kept very hot but not boiled.
MrsWheelbarrow July 3, 2016
If the tops have already sealed (check by removing the rings and lifting the jar by the flat lid), there is no need to boil the jars. Boiling jars equalizes the temperature of the jar's contents with the boiling water, causing air to escape under the lid which seals the jar.
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