i'm going on a camping trip just for one night and i wanted to bring a bunch of oysters with me. whats the best way to keep the fresh???

We buy them still in the shell from a local seafood market.

Elizabeth Sevillano


PHIL August 8, 2016
How are you eating them ?
PHIL August 8, 2016
Don't transport them in a plastic bag, they will suffocate , if you have them in plastic you have to leave the bag open
Greenstuff August 8, 2016
Oh yes, thanks for adding that PHIL.
Greenstuff August 8, 2016
Assuming you're going to eat them that same night (best, but not absolutely required) and that you're talking car camping, not backpacking, it's pretty easy. Put them in a cooler on top of (not in) ice. You don't want to drown them in the melting ice, but you do want to keep them cool. Don't eat any that gape and won't close. Have a great time.
Elizabeth S. August 8, 2016
Awesome, that's great!! Thank you so much that was really helpful.
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