My cherry tomatoes runneth over and I plan on making these tonight. I am wondering how they are cold or reheated, or should I just make as many as...

... we liable to eat with dinner

Cherry Tomato Brown Betty Bites
Recipe question for: Cherry Tomato Brown Betty Bites


caninechef August 18, 2016
Just had a tasty lunch of Tomato Brown Bettys. I thought they might get soggy ( 99% humidity these days) but they held well. I ate them at room temperature and they seemed more special for lunch actually than they did last night competing with other dinner components. I was concerted about getting them out of muffin tin but no problem there. Just recommended them to a vegetarian friend who said she loves caprese salad. I have 1/2 the cheese left over so I may have to make again soon.

EmilyC August 18, 2016
That's great to hear, caninechef! Thanks for circling back! ; )
EmilyC August 17, 2016
Hi there -- I like these best when served warm or at room temperature. The last time I made them, I reheated a few the next day, and while not quite as good as fresh, I'm glad I made extras! : ) Hope this helps. Let me know how they turn out!
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