i have a bar and the new thing is a pickle back so i am buying pickles just for the juice and have several jars of pickles and no juice so to get...

...the correct flavor requires the cucumbers what if i use all the pickles left over in the jars i have building up i dont want to waste all these pickles and i surely dont need any more and i have no other use for them. please help.

Brenda Karkos
Dill Pickles
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Niknud September 1, 2016
As someone who uses pickle juice a lot, I feel your pain. To approach the problem from a different angle....I throw myself on the mercy of my local deli counter. They always have a giant jar of pickles and they are usually willing to give me a container of pickle juice for free. This solves the dried up sad pickles in jar problem. Clearly not helping in the current circumstances but for the future, I'd give your deli a whirl.
aargersi September 1, 2016
How about a pickle back served with a pickle snack? I just read what it is - you shoot whiskey then drink pickle juice right? Add a third step - eat the pickle.

Or make a lot of pickle-y potato salad and have your bar guests eat it - get a little carb in their drinking bellies

Or use them as garnish in your Bloody Marys
pierino August 31, 2016
I think I see Dirty Martini's here someplace. At least a spin on them.
Rachel August 31, 2016
As someone who frequently drinks the brine out of the jar before finishing the pickles... I hear your dilemma. I have a giant jar of Clausen's dills in my fridge for solely this purpose. You can purchase the brine by itself though. A DC-based company called Gordy's Pickles sells just the brine from their hot chili spears. Here's the link: http://shop.gordyspicklejar.com/products/fine-brine
PHIL August 31, 2016
You are in a bit of a pickle....... sorry had to go there.
caninechef August 31, 2016
Freebees at the bar sound like a good idea. But I also was wondering if you could hook up with a source of surplus pickle juice. Around here, hand packed pickles from the barrel seem like a popular item at farmers markets, fairs, flea markets etc. Maybe you can do some creative sourcing so you can just purchase juice.
Susan W. August 31, 2016
Why don't you make a rotating brine and keep adding it to the existing pickles. I know you can keep adding cucumbers to an existing brine so why not the other way around? The one thing I don't know is how long pickles themselves last.

I like the idea of turning them into a snack for the bar.

You could also come up with a homemade relish to serve with burgers, hot dogs or in tarter sauce. People really love homemade condiments.
PHIL August 31, 2016
I agree with Sexylambchopx.. Also, do you serve food at the bar? You can deep fry them and sell or give them out free. Natalie will probably respond to you on this also.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 1, 2016
call me chops! : )
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 31, 2016
Serve them as freebies at the bar as a snack.
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