When baking, is it better to use an olive oil with a robust more distinct flavor, or a milder one? I've never made a cake/quickbread with olive oi...

...l before, and am having trouble imaging the flavor in a cake (especially with fruit)!

  • Posted by: paczryk
  • September 6, 2016


pierino September 6, 2016
I think the answer is somewhere in between. I do make olive oil cakes myself. If you use a high end oil with lots of complexity you will lose much of that in cooking. Still, you would like to capture some of the flavor that comes with good oil. I would say start with an every day oil as Kenzi suggests and build up from there.
Kenzi W. September 6, 2016
If you've never had it before, use a milder olive oil to ease in! It's not an overwhelming flavor, to be sure—but if you're just starting out, go with what you're used to. (I've used my normal cooking evoo many times with a great result.)
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