what is a good substitute for morel mushrooms?

i can find other varieties such as porcini and chanterelles but no morels.

Jennifer Saunders


PHIL October 3, 2016
I agree that any mushroom would work, even cheap baby bellas but you can also ask Merrill in the comments section of the recipe. I am sure she will have a good suggestions.
Jennifer S. October 2, 2016
thanks, the recipe i want to make is tuna pea wiggle by Merrill Stubbs
Susan W. October 2, 2016
It sounds delicious and what a great name. It actually would probably be good with any mushrooms. The sticker shock on that many Porcinis may make you pass out, but you could always mix them with less expensive mushrooms.

We're going to the beach for a few days and I think this may have to be one of our dinners.
Susan W. October 2, 2016
I'd probably go with Porcini. I was going to ask what you are making, but in this case, I don't think it matters much.
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