If baking in a loaf pan, how long and at what temperature should I bake it? Thanks!

Mrudula Penta
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1 Comment

Nancy October 6, 2016
While waiting for recipe author to respond, here are a couple considerations:
average loaf pans (8x4 or 9x5") have less capactiy (6 & 8 cups, respectively) than does the 12 cup Bundt pan called for in the recipe.
So you might have to use 2 of the 8x4. Or two layer cake pans, round or square, 8-9 inch diameter or to a side.
I would stay with the recommended oven temp (350F) but check sooner than the recommended 45 min...say at 25 min and bake more as needed.
If you find one large loaf pan to replace the bundt pan, I fear the middle would be raw when the edges are fully baked....remember the bundt pan cooks through faster than a loaf because of the central air tube.
Sorry if this is discouraging...sometimes the right pan (or close to the right pan) is important.
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