Would it work to make this cake in a 9x13 pan? If so, how would the bake time be affected?

Megan Reishus


mstv October 31, 2017
It does work well in loaf pan form (more than 1 per recipe, of course) - in case that would work for you. It makes it pretty easy to glaze.
Merrill S. October 31, 2017
Yes, it will work! I would start checking the cake 5-10 minutes early.
Megan R. October 31, 2017
Thank you! Should I reduce the ingredients or not use all of the batter as suggested by the answer above? I love this cake, just thought it might be easier in sheet cake form. :)
Emmie October 31, 2017
According to this site (http://startcooking.com/pan-size-and-volume), a standard 2-inch tall 9x13 pan holds ten cups. This recipe calls for a 12-cup bundt pan, so if you made it in a 9x13 you'd have some extra batter left for a mini loaf or a few cupcakes. If you do go this route, don't fill the 9x13 all the way so it still has room to rise, and start checking for doneness after about 30 minutes in the oven.
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