I wish your recipes had weights as well as cups/teaspoons.



Stephanie B. April 14, 2019
I prefer weight to volume measurements too, but I've made this cake many times (once even in someone else's kitchen with their equipment) and it's been delicious every time. It's not so finicky that the imprecision in volume will kill this cake, in my experience.
Stephanie B. April 14, 2019
There's also sites that have conversions, King Arthur Flour being the first one that comes to mind for me: https://www.kingarthurflour.com/learn/ingredient-weight-chart.html but there's plenty more.
Scher019 April 14, 2019
Yes, I know those sites but it's just more steps and then I have to write it on paper. Lebovitz's site has metric and US in the ingredient lines. I did make the cake eventually after about 10 min of thinking did I want to dirty up a bunch of cups and take longer or did I want to figure it all out and write it down somewhere else. It's a stupid problem to have!
Smaug April 15, 2019
I can't really see any point in such a conversion anyway, since there's no particular reason to believe that the person that did the chart was doing their measurements the same way and under the same conditions as the recipe writer. I'm not a particular believer in the infallibility of weight measures anyway, but doing this sort of conversion not only preserves any inaccuracies that may have been present, it adds an extra step that can cause more inaccuracy.
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