Can I use a tube pan for this recipe?

I don't own a bundt pan. Is this the time to add one to my collection? Or, can I use a tube pan (the angel food kind w/ little "feet" on the rim) to make this cake? If a bundt pan is necessary, any recommendations for brand/size/type?

  • Posted by: Randi
  • October 20, 2011


drbabs October 21, 2011
boulangere, isn't it like 3AM where you are right now? Get some sleep!!!
boulangere October 21, 2011
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boulangere October 21, 2011
I agree with ATG117 in that the cheaper pans tend to have a coating which scrubs off on the first cleaning. If you're going to invest in a modular tube pan, get a good NordicWare pan. On the other hand, second-hand stores are a wonderful source of the old-fashioned "angel food cake pans" of yore. Spray them liberally with a decent pans spray, and off you go. The NordicWare pans will certainly give your lots of decorative ridges, but please also disregard any instructions that they do not need pan spray or butter/flour. The more intricate the design (read: rose petals), the more pan spray needed as they do not depan easily.
AntoniaJames October 20, 2011
Oh yes, do, get a Bundt pan. I don't use mine often, but for a cake like this, they really make such a difference in the appearance. And they're reasonably priced, too. ;o)
ATG117 October 20, 2011
You can use a tube pan, but you wont get the pretty ridges. I love the way a bundt pan looks, so I would buy one. Again, not necessary here. Cooking time should be the same with a tube pan. You can buy one quite reasonably at bed bath and beyond or sur la tabla. I'm sure William Sonoma has one too. I don't know that brand matters so much as its not flimsy and the coating isn't too dark. Sometimes the cheapest brands have a darker coating, which makes the cake brown too quickly and get too dark.
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