Planning to make a large batch to serve 50 as part of strolling buffet dinner - need advice on how to prepare in advance (cooking? freezing?) and...

... then how to reheat and keep warm in chafing dish without sacrificing quality over a 3-4 hour period

  • Posted by: Heather
  • November 21, 2016
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. November 21, 2016
Hi Heather, one commenter on the recipe made them ahead of time and said: "As for freezing and defrosting: I wrapped handfuls of 5-8 meatballs in saran wrap, then put all of the wrapped meatballs into freezer bags. I took it out of the freezer the day before and placed it in the fridge to defrost. I made the glaze the day of, put cold, defrosted meatballs into a casserole dish, poured glaze on top, and put into a low oven (325) for about 15 minutes to warm through. They are small so they do not take long to warm."
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