I made a pear and cauliflower soup with no milk/cream/potatoes. It separated slightly in the fridge, how can I save it?

(based on this recipe, with no hazelnuts: http://www.firstfruittable.com/cauliflower-soup/)

Allison Chang


Nancy November 22, 2016
By the way, I think the hazelnuts in the original recipe helped emulsify the soup and keep it together.
If you have some and no reason not to use them, try adding them.
Other possible emulsifyers, to hold the soup together - small amounts of egg yolk, mayo, prepared mustard
Amanda S. November 22, 2016
I'd try giving it a whiz with an immersion blender!
Nancy November 22, 2016
Agree, and I would do the blending shortly before serving (don't give that soup a chance to separate again).
Allison C. November 22, 2016
Would adding cream/milk at this point and then reblending help at all?
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