Baking a frozen pie, and adding a decorative (non frozen crust border)

I am baking a store bought frozen pie, but I want to dress it up a bit. So I got a leaf shaped cookie cutter to cut out leaves in a pie crust (non frozen) , and then add it around the frozen pie which has a bake time of 60 minutes. My question is at what point should I add on the decorative crust so that it doesn't burn?



SMSF November 23, 2016
Whenever I've added leaf cutouts (or whatever shape you want) to the top of a pumpkin pie, I cheat on the timing by baking the cutouts separately like a little batch of cookies. Then I put them on top of the pie when the pie is done or almost done. No guesswork needed, and it looks great.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 23, 2016
Here are some tips from Marie Callender's for adding decorations to frozen pies:
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