Making Salmon en croute. Can I cook two trays, one on top of the other at the same time and have them cook appropriately?

Dorothy Hurley


creamtea November 27, 2016
I would add to what June said, to stagger them if possible on their separate shelves, so that the top one is not completely covering the bottom one (one a little further to the right, the other a little further to the left); when shifting them, again, keep them staggered so they brown more evenly.
ChefJune November 27, 2016
It should work if you switch them about half way during the baking so each of them have a turn on the top shelf.
Aisha November 27, 2016
I've never tried this specifically myself, but I have cooked other pastry-based dishes on several levels successfully. It works well if you have a fan/convection oven. I wouldn't try it with a regular oven. And be sure to space the trays out evenly (ideally, same amount of space above, between and below). Hope that helps !
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