How does the efficient clever cook peel raw beets?



Valhalla December 6, 2016
I don't! If raw, I scrub well, and if roasted (my preference), the peel either falls off or I just eat it.
MMH December 6, 2016
Roast them in a foil packet with olive oil, salt, pepper & a couple dashes of red wine vinegar. The skin will peel off with your fingers & the vinegar prevents the beets from dying your hands red!
dinner A. December 6, 2016
I bet you could parboil the beets, before peeling, cubing and roasting them as suggested in the recipe. It's a lot easier to peel cooked beets, but maybe also partially cooked beets.
Nancy December 6, 2016
Some people do this wearing (rubber) gloves, but i would rather trust the grip of my hands without gloves.
Susan W. December 6, 2016
I may try that. I have 6 beets to peel for dinner tomorrow and I have some thin disposable gloves that I keep forgetting about.
Susan W. December 6, 2016
I do it the same way Ali does. I'm so hoping someone has a magical answer.
Ali S. December 6, 2016
I peel beets the way you'd expect: old-school peeler in one hand, beet in the other.
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