Where can you buy Shaoxing wine? Online I see references to finding it at Asian grocery stores. I am in NY state and wine is not in grocery stores...

... here. I checked webpage of a very large local wine/liquor store but did not firnd anything listed.

Shaoxing Roast Chicken
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caninechef December 9, 2016
Despite sitting at this moment 60 miles from Times Square I seem to be in an Asian Food wasteland, at least in terms of buying ingredients vs take-out. One place close by is definitely closed and I suspect a similar outcome for the other address I found in the area. It looks like it will be dry sherry for now. There is( from what I find online) a good size market about 25 miles away as well as several on the eastern side of the Hudson. Seems like a definite difference in what people are looking to cook with on the eastern vs western side of the Hudson river.
Darlene June 28, 2017
I just found Shaoxing at H&Y Asian market in Bergenfield, NJ. It was with cooking wines and vinegars. Hard to find as many of the bottles are printed in Chinese, but I asked and they located it for me. They said it has become very popular lately. I recently saw it used on a Food Network show (can't remember which one).
HalfPint December 9, 2016
You can substitute with a dry sherry. In the Asian grocery stores it seems always be kept near or in the frozen foods aisle. I would go into the stores and see what they have. There are often items that they don't put on the webpages. But your best bet might be using dry sherry which I've done many times and works very well.
amysarah December 9, 2016
Yes, good point - I've also subbed sherry many times, and it's useful to have around for lots of other cuisines too.

Btw, I was just at my Asian market - Shaoxing is in the same aisle as bottled Chinese soy sauces, vinegars, etc...but I'm sure it varies from place to place.
Nancy June 28, 2017
In addition to the dry sherry, per Half Pint, other possible substitutions (not the same, but useful):
* sake
* dry vermouth
* flat beer, preferably lager.
Susan W. December 9, 2016
I buy mine from Amazon. Even my h-Mart doesn't carry it. Unless you are in Asia, what you'll get is similar to "cooking sherry", but somehow it works for Asian cooking.

This is the one I get.

amysarah December 9, 2016
Have you actually checked at an Asian grocery near you? Wine is only sold at liquor shops around here too, but all the Asian markets sell Shaoxing - in fact, usually several brands. I guess it must be categorized as 'cooking wine' (I'm sure there are higher quality bottles available at liquor/wine shops if you can find it there, but I use it for cooking all the time, and it's fine.) Coincidentally, I'm going to try to swing by to pick up another bottle today.
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