Les Pralines Roses / Pink Candied Nuts from Lyon - Where to buy in NYC or online?

If you've been to Mason Kayser in the city, there's this praline brioche with pink praline - it's divine. The praline is this : http://www.myfrenchlife.org/2014/10/13/praline-roses-lyon/

I found a recipe here http://www.cookingwithbernard.com/2015/02/pink-candied-nuts-pralines-roses.html but I do not want to make it if I can buy it (too labor and time intensive for this holiday season). I want to use it in a brioche recipe

Does anyone know of an online retailer that ships to the US or a place in NYC (any borough) that sells this item? It's so good!!

  • Posted by: E
  • December 14, 2016


ChefJune December 14, 2016
They have that at Kayser???? I've been to Lyon many times and always enjoy the famous Praline de St. Genix. Have never seen it in the US. And I've never seen it for sale in Lyon confiseries. But if you find it, please let me know.
E December 14, 2016
YES! Kayser sells it in both an individual size and in this huge, party worthy version. They're very generous with the pink praline too.
ChefJune December 14, 2016
I was just at the one on Broadway & 14th two weeks ago and didn't notice. I'll have to look for it. My French brother, Jean-Paul Lacombe, always has some kind of dessert made with the Praline de St. Genix on the menu at his Brasserie Leon de Lyon. Back when it was a two-star Michelin restaurant, he did 5 desserts with it. Sooooo good! and unique.
E December 14, 2016
Jealous! That all sounds amazing. When you're back at any of the Kayser's and if you don't see it in the display case, just ask if they have any of their brioche aux pralines in stock. That's the name of it!

In fact, might actually ask them if they know of any American distributors of the pink praline. They surely direct import it, but it's worth a shot. If you ask them, let me know if they give you good intel on a source!
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