Swiss "French" dressing/vinaigrette

I recently flew SwissAir and on each meal service, they served a Swiss "French" dressing with the salad. I was at first apprehensive because I don't like "American French" dressing (the orange kind) but was really surprised with the Swiss version - creamy white and very flavorful with a great tang. I can't let go of taste and have been craving it since I was in flight. I've been able to find some scant recipes online but not sure if they would yield the results I've tasted.

Does anyone have a recipe they've made or can attest as authentic or even know what I'm referring to? Thank you in advance!



Lost_in_NYC January 22, 2017

I made the Swiss French dressing as per the link with a few adjustments: no raw egg, dijon mustard instead of brown (both personal preferences), and honey & light cream instead of sugar and heavy cream due to what I had on hand. Also included some crushed garlic for more flavor. No need for water or stock as I adjusted the vinegar and oil as per to the quantity I was making. I also used an Italian spice mix from Italy that I need to use up (salt-pepper-dried oregano, rosemary, and other herbs).

The light cream does lighten the colour which is nice. And the overall taste was pretty good. I like my vinaigrettes to be really tangy (I'm an acid lover!) so trying to figure out how I can increase the tangy flavor for next time. (I added a lot of white wine vinegar in the trial batch!)

Overall it goes well with a leafy green salad and veggies and is different from the regular run of the mill dressings. Definitely try it out!
creamtea December 19, 2016
This sounds like what you are describing:
It sounds delicious! I may try it.
Lost_in_NYC December 19, 2016
Thanks Lisanne! I came across the same link and had it bookmarked in case I didn't hear back from anyone. I may have to give this one a-go (without the raw egg though!)
Susan W. December 19, 2016
Trying it tonight. Sounds creamy and tangy. Delish!!
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