What is your favorite soup and/or stew cookbook?

Looking for good collection of a variety of soups and stews in one book. I have an old mollie Katzen one and now looking for one that includes meats/poultry/fish.

Jorey Hurley


Greenstuff January 3, 2017
Splendid Soups by James Peterson is pretty comprehensive. It's subtitled Recipes and Master Techniques for Making the World's Best Soups.
Nancy January 2, 2017
Agree with Leah and her suggestion of Soup for Syria.
And there are many other cookbooks that focus on the techniques or the part of the meal that uses soups & stews, especially for slow cookers.
But/and two other ways find a good cookbook is for you to think of soups you like by ingredient (there's a virtual world tour of chicken soups) or cuisine (say, French or Tha) and they leads you to another set of books and dishes...Coq au Vin to Tom Kha Gai.
luvcookbooks January 2, 2017
Stews, Bogs and Burgoos by James Villas. Southern leaning and stew more than soup.
Leah January 2, 2017
I really like Soup for Syria, it has a nice variety of soup recipes and supports a great cause! http://soupforsyria.com/book.php
Rachel January 3, 2017
Was going to say the same!
Jennifer W. January 2, 2017
simple suppers moosewood restaurant cookbook has some nice ones
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