Hi, I want to create a Kitchen/food/Knife blog like food52.com . After working 3 months I created a blog named: http://sharpeningmaster.com .

I need your opinion guys. What can I do now? Which features should I use in this blog?

Sandra Ericson
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ChefJune January 5, 2017
Imho, knives are best sharpened by professionals unless one knows how to use a stone. All the so-called sharpeners I have ever encountered will, in the end, ruin your knives. The use of the sharpening stone is a skill worth perfecting (unless you have a wonderful hand-grinder (person) at your disposal.
pierino January 5, 2017
Your readers will want to understand the difference between single beveled (Japanese) knives and double beveled knives and how best to maintain their edge.
Sandra E. January 5, 2017
Thanks a lot, Pierino. I'm also writing for knife sharpener for both kitchen and outdoor.
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