Do I cook this in the marinade or remove? i would assume you remove the meat but since it says to baste im not sure! thanks

  • Posted by: MEGGULP
  • February 9, 2017
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1 Comment

scruz February 9, 2017
i looked at the recipe and it appears to be baked in the marinade. when i make pork char sui, i put it on a rack (after marinating for hours or overnight), cook it for x minutes, take it out and roll it in the excess marinade, put it back flipped over on rack over foil lined baking sheet (be sure to put water in bottom to avoid smoking from sugar or honey) for another x minutes and roll/baste it again. it needs to have some room out of liquid to develop a nice crust in places so any liquid it sits in will interfere except for top part. there are many many recipes on youtube showing how people do theirs...some hang meat from oven racks (clean up nightmare) and the temps vary too. if you don't have nice dark bits on it at the end, be sure not to over cook and put under broiler. i make my pork char siu weekly. i've never done your recipe nor with short ribs. my pork doesn't cook more than 40 mins. so i imagine short ribs (typically braised hence your question) need longer slower cooking? an hour for short ribs seems pretty brief. another thing that this recipe might be improved with is a splash of roasted sesame oil, minced garlic and grated ginger. please let us know if the ribs come out tender...i'm sure they will be tasty.
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