I am doing a chopped home edition, and I got the ingredients cantaloupe, shrimp, and pimento peppers... what should I make?

any ideas? I can use other common household ingredients... im thinking maybe asian rice noodles with shrimp and a cantaloupe sauce??? what are some of the other ideas on what to do?

  • Posted by: hans
  • February 25, 2017


BerryBaby February 25, 2017
I'd make a Shrimp Cocktail served in a large Martini glass. Using the cantaloupe and pimento make a cocktail sauce. Blend them in a food processor add a bit of prepared horseradish, mayo and fresh lemon and/or lime juice. Place small amount of sauce in glass, top with shredded greens, shrimp on top. Cut lime and lemon wedges to hang on glass rim. Serve addition sauce for dipping in small glass bowls.
hans February 26, 2017
That sounds so good! I actually made shrimp cakes (crab cakes) and a salad with the cantaloupe. I do like that idea though! I will use it in the future. :)
Nancy February 25, 2017
Hans, glad you liked the shrimp cake idea.
If you think the burger idea is too casual (not gourmet enough?), think up some more formal presentation...
Good luck and please tell us what you (eventually) make.
hans February 25, 2017
Haha thank you! Do you have any salad ideas that include the cantaloupe?
Tori M. February 26, 2017
Maybe a cucumber, cantaloupe and red onion salad with a light rice vinegar dressing and sesame seeds?
Nancy February 25, 2017
For an appetizer course, make a gazpacho or salsa using, among other things, the cantelope and pimento. Garnish with grilled shrimp on skewers.
If the rules permit, consider making a cocktail uaing the cantaloupe and pimento, again garnish with shrimp.
Last idea (for appetizer or main) make shrimp cake (like crab cake) with a chutney garnish including the cantaloupe and pimento.
hans February 25, 2017
What else could I add (side dish wise) with the "shrimp cakes" so that its not just that. A cantaloupe spinach salad? Ideas?
Nancy February 25, 2017
Make a cantaloupe quick pickle and serve it and the shrimp cake on a hamburger bun (as a sort of seafood burger).
hans February 25, 2017
Any ideas that are possibly... more gourmet? I like that idea though. Im also thinking no starches as im using bread crumbs in my cakes.
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