Cookbook Club (2/3) -- Favorite pie-making tip you learned this month?

Tell us about your favorite trick you learned from Art of the Pie (or from your pie-making peers in the Facebook group)!

(Thread 3/3 will be questions specifically for author Kate McDermott, and will go up closer to our 12pm EST chat time with her!)

Lindsay-Jean Hard


MomMom February 27, 2017
Keeping flour and bowl in my freezer - great tip, thanks!
Aryss February 27, 2017
To chill my flour as well as my bowl as well as a fork to mix the dough with. The dough turned out so beautifully! Also, due to the failure of one of my meringues, I learned a ton about how meringues work, why they sometimes don't work, and how to work with them which I thought was fantastic!
Kate M. February 27, 2017
Excellent! It's all about the continued learning of this craft.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 27, 2017
I also really appreciated the very precise food processor directions for pie dough in Art of the Pie. When I've used a food processor in the past before for pie dough it came out tough, but Kate's came out perfectly, her all-butter dough made in the food processor is my new go-to dough!
Kate M. February 27, 2017
Great to hear! I always hold back a little water and then finish off the food processor crust by hand.
Spenser D. February 27, 2017
Leaf lard is the key to an amazing crust!! Also, I learned that the fridge is my best friend when making dough. :)
Kate M. February 27, 2017
It was a real game changer for me when I first learned about it!
Lindsay-Jean H. February 27, 2017
I'm now set on using my cocktail shaker for ice water thanks to Amy Chen (and the fellow pie lover in the Pie Nation Facebook group (co-founded by Kate McDermott) that she learned it from)—it eliminates the chance of rogue ice cubes slipping out and messing up your ice water measurement!
Kate M. February 27, 2017
This is the best tip ever! I'm going to be using it, too!

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Susan February 27, 2017
To chill my hands and myself!
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