What can I use --besides egg or egg replacers -- to bind my baked amaranth and oat clusters? [the other ingredients are honey, nuts, dried fruit, etc

  • Posted by: saenyc
  • February 13, 2011


Sam1148 February 13, 2011
Applesauce or mashed bananas, or a combination of both.
susan G. February 13, 2011
For an ingredient substitution chart, go to pcrm.org -- they have an extensive chart with egg substitutions. Eggs serve various purposes in baking, so you want a sub that will keep it from crumbling. I'd look for something along the lines of flour + water -- to paste the bars together...
puresugar February 13, 2011
I have heard about using ground flaxseed--look at gluten-free recipe sites maybe. I'm making marshmallows at the moment, or I'd look this up myself--I'm curious too!
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