The dal are not cooked, apart from frying? The urad dal I found seems like it could crack a tooth if it wasn't boiled. Am I missing something?

Stephanie B.


Panfusine April 20, 2017
the urad dal becomes crunchy and adds a nice nutty flavor (and the consistency of perhaps toasted almond, but much tinier of course)and since its very sparsely added, negligible chances of cracking a tooth!
Megan H. April 20, 2017
You're not missing anything. I've made a recipe that called for the same thing and what happened is that the dal became nice and toasty and added a firm textured bite to the dish. They won't be soft but should give enough that you won't break a tooth.
Stephanie B. April 20, 2017
Thanks for that info! I now have a giant bag of urad dal to use up so next time I'll give toasting a try.
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