Toddler friendly all purpose (peanut free) sauce to put on everything from steamed veggies to brown rice

Tiki Tembo


Caroline L. June 1, 2017
Washington Post has a great quick stir-fry sauce that's great on veggies and brown rice and can be made ahead. Here's the link:
Exbruxelles June 1, 2017
One liked sriracha, the other liked anchovy/lemon/olive oil. And, since they were toddlers, this changed from day to day, hour to hour. Without warning.
ktr May 30, 2017
My 5 year old would put ketchup on all those things. My 2 year old is happy with garlic butter.
foofaraw May 29, 2017
Teriyaki sauce
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 28, 2017
Ranch dressing
702551 May 28, 2017
It depends on what your toddler likes.

For several billion people on this planet, soy sauce would be the condiment of choice.

Here in the USA, maybe it would be ketchup.

In New Zealand, it might be plum sauce:

All are peanut free. Good luck.
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