What would you serve squid ink risotto with for a dinner party? I am eager to make this next week for a group dinner. Would like to serve some kin...

...d of salad to cut through the richness (radicchio/endive?), but want it to be springy as we're finally nearing june! maybe also asparagus? suggestions welcome



Nancy June 2, 2017
You say group dinner...are many cooking? or you sole host and responsible for all?
Either way, I find risotto a difficult dish to plan a menu around. On the one hand, it takes lots of effort (time, getting ingredients, sometimes cost) and on the other, it's basically rice...
One way to cut the richness is to use the risotto as a first (small dishes).
Another is to serve it as the base for relatively plain grilled or roasted protein (as in paella or the risotto in Osso Buco).
For greens and freshness, I would go with a mixed bowl of baby lettuces, bitter lettuces and abundant soft green herbs (treat them as a salad ingredient, not a sprinkle of garnish). Use what's good in the market and your favorite vinaigrette. Or see some good recipes out there, like those of Chefs Frank Stitt (Alabama) or Alain Passard (Paris).
Last, for a spring or summer note, use a Provencal or other good rose.
Exbruxelles June 1, 2017
Gabrielle Hamilton's endive salad isn't for everyone, but would be a nice counterpoint to the risotto. https://food52.com/recipes/33079-gabrielle-hamilton-s-endive-salad-in-the-roman-puntarelle-style
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