For braised short ribs will 'sliced beef ribs' work as well as 'beef short ribs'? They're half the price and look plenty fatty.



RobertaJ February 21, 2011
Flanken (or "Korean style") ribs will not give you the same results in a long, low braise that the English cut short ribs will. There is significantly more meat (and bone) in the English cut. Flanken ribs can be braised successfully, but recently they are more usually done in a quick, high temperature saute or grill after they've been marinated. For really meaty, succulent short ribs, you want the English cut, which is a single bone, about 3-inches long and 1&1/2-inches wide, with a sizeable chunk of meat attached to one side of it. If the recipe doesn't specify "flanken or Korean cut", they're probably talking about the heartier English cut.
pierino February 20, 2011
Are you referring to "flanken" ribs? They are a slightly different cut and sawn in a different direction.
Peter February 20, 2011
At a glance they look pretty much the same. On closer inspection, the pockets of meat are visibly smaller... but it's still meaty.
Amanda H. February 20, 2011
Are they thinly sliced?
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