2 TBSP butter are listed in the ingredients, which appear to be for buttering the skillet. But there is also butter in the milk mixture...how much?

  • Posted by: gern
  • February 22, 2011
Recipe question for: Cornbread


aimeebama April 17, 2011
I needed to add more milk to make the batter pourable too and that worked. Skipped the sugar b/c I like Southern cornbread. Using a bacon skillet would work really well here so you could use bacon grease from the morning instead of butter for the pan-- will do that next time.
gern February 23, 2011
made this tonight...came out great. added another 1/2 cup of milk, but otherwise straight from the recipe.
innoabrd February 23, 2011
classic southern technique: melt the butter for the batter in the skillet so you start with a sizzling skillet.
gern February 23, 2011
Got it...thanks!
Homemadecornbread February 22, 2011
Yes, the butter listed in the recipe goes into the batter. I use about the same amount for melting in the skillet before pouring in the batter. I should have made that more clear in the recipe - I'll be sure to update it.
Threemealsaday February 22, 2011
The way I read that recipe the melted butter is goes in the mix with the ingredients. Buttering the skillet is extra. At least that is my interpretation.
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