A question about a recipe: Roasted Fennel & White Bean Dip

I have a question about the recipe "Roasted Fennel & White Bean Dip" from singing_baker. I would like to construct the dish and put it in the fridge overnight and bake it right before guests come. Anyone see any downsides to this? Thanks in advance

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  • Posted by: SKK
  • February 25, 2011
Roasted Fennel & White Bean Dip
Recipe question for: Roasted Fennel & White Bean Dip


SKK March 3, 2011
Thanks Amanda and Singing_Baker, I tried both ways. What worked the best was starting with Step 3 as Amanda recommended. When I full constructed it it was too 'dry', not as creamy as the other way.
singing_baker February 25, 2011
Yes, I agree with Amanda. You may want to increase the cooking time by a couple of minutes as well just because it will all be cold from the fridge.
Amanda H. February 25, 2011
I think this will work, no problem. If you're at all worried about the puree getting dense overnight, then simply start with step 3 the day you want to serve the dip. Would be great to at least get the fennel roasting and bean cooking done in advance.
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