Are there any herbs that do *not* like coffee grounds-rich compost for amending their soil?

I have a much higher percentage than usual of coffee grounds in my little compost area, with all the cold brew I've made this summer (NB, try this: . I need to repot or otherwise tend to my herbs this evening, but don't want to give them soil they don't like. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



Trena H. July 31, 2017
Most herbs prefer lean soils. Having said that, many prefer well drained soil which is promoted by adding compost. I've attached a spreadsheet prepared by UC Davis that includes herb specific information that you should find useful.

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HalfPint July 31, 2017
Not an exact answer to your question, but here are the herbs that do well in acidic soil:

I think it's going to depend on how acidic the soil would be after amending with the compost.
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