Can you explain the peaches? Is the filling five stewed peaches AND five sliced peaches, or is it just the stewed peaches? Thanks!

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1 Comment

AntoniaJames August 11, 2017
A similar question was asked within the recipe shortly after it was posted. The author responded as follows (copied from comments):

If you have fresh peaches and are inclined, stew them and use them to fill the pie. If you do not have succulent fresh peaches you can used canned. Either way, be sure to drain the peaches well before adding them to the pie crust.

. . . which I read in the context of the recipe to mean, either five fresh ones that you've stewed, or a can of peaches - not both.

The easy edit would be to change the ingredient in the pie list to read:
5 stewed peaches (using recipe above) or one 28 oz. can of peaches, well drained
Hope this helps! ;o)
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