can a 12 cavity cup cake tray be used in 23 L Microwave



caninechef October 4, 2017
Assuming it passes the criteria above, another consideration might be how evenly the microwave will cook the cupcakes. I assume the tray is a 4 by 3 layout. Microwaves tend to cook from outside it so the inside row might not cook at same rate as the outer rows.
foofaraw October 3, 2017
Put the empty cake tray in the microwave and spin it with your hand. Does it rotate freely? Does the corner passes where the door is if you see it from above? If either are no, then you can't use the cake tray in that microwave (also if it is metal).

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foofaraw October 3, 2017
Another option that I thought of after I post the answer would be after making sure it is of material that can be in the oven (no metal, non-microwavable plastic, etc), is to put some water in it and microwave it for 20-30 seconds, or after the tray makes a full turn in microwave. If the tray snag on any of microwave side, you know you can't use it
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