What traybake or muffins (sweet) are good for reducing sugar and high in fibre?

For my food technology practical I need to make a traybake or muffin that is high in fibre but low in sugar. Please help.

  • Posted by: Sean
  • October 7, 2017


Nancy October 7, 2017
Ways to come up with a recipe for this challenge:
• most muffin recipes work well even when sugar amount is cut in half
• make a muffin recipe you already know that works & substitute a higher fiber veg or fruit for the original one (e.g., raspberries instead of bananas)
• add supplements (but not too much) to recipe...2 tbsp wheat bran or replace 1/4 of white flour volume with whole wheat flour
Stephanie B. October 7, 2017
What is considered high fiber, and low sugar? I mean do you have quantitative limits you need to achieve?
Sean October 7, 2017
There is no quantitative amount so anything that is relatively high in fibre and low in sugar
Stephanie B. October 7, 2017
I would try some paleo sites for ideas. Or use muffins/tray bakes that incorporate veggies, bran, and/or whole wheat flours. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber for example, and since they're already very sweet you could probably decrease added sugar in a recipe pretty easily.
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