Keeping a spiral slow cooked ham warm

I want to make a brown sugar pineapple spiral glaze ham to bring to work at the hospital. Unfortunately we probably won’t be able to eat till around 11 pm. I want to know if it’s possible to keep long on warm without it getting slimmy?

  • Posted by: Mona
  • November 14, 2017


PHIL November 14, 2017
Why not keep the glaze on the side and heat in microwave then drizzle over the ham. Are you keeping the ham whole or taking the slices off the bone?
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 14, 2017
Hmm, maybe placing paper towels underneath and on top of the ham in your slow cooker will absorb some of the moisture or condensation. I think it could work, especially with a spiralized ham since its a very forgiving protein that tastes great warm and room temperature.
HalfPint November 14, 2017
Maybe you have or can borrow a slow cooker with a warm setting to hold the ham until time to eat.
BerryBaby November 14, 2017
How many hours from arrival until serving?
Mona November 14, 2017
I saw a recipe for preparing a ham in the slow cooker but also read a review that stated it got slimmy after leaving there too long. I would be cooking it on low for a few hours. Then a drive about 40 minutes to work. Then set it up again on warm. From that time probably 4-5 hours before we ate. While writing this I’m thinking maybe just start the cooking when I get there. Have anyone made hame in the slow cooker? Is it a good idea? Thanks for all your help.
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