How many stalks of celery in 2 cups diced? And how many onions in 2 cups diced? It's easier to know how many to start with, than to start chopping...

... until you fill the cups! Thank you

Willa P.
  • Posted by: Willa P.
  • November 20, 2017


MrsWheelbarrow November 21, 2017
I assume one medium onion equals one cup diced, so you’ll need 2. Celery stalks vary, but 3 medium stalks? The recipe is not rigid, and a little more or less won’t be a disaster
Amanda H. November 20, 2017
Hi Willa P. -- it's difficult to say precisely because celery stalks and onion sizes vary, so here's what I would plan for: 3 to 4 stalks celery and 2 medium onions. If you end up with more than 2 cups or a little less than 2 cups, it's ok. This is a forgiving recipe; have made it several times!
Willa P. November 20, 2017
Got it - thanks very much!
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