Is it possible to make this without an oven?

Elena Mindry-King


Merrill S. November 22, 2018
Great suggestions, Cathy. Never would have thought of the grill. Happy Thanksgiving! xo
Elena M. November 22, 2018
Hi Merrill and MrsWheelbarrow,
Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately I'm currently living at a boarding school I teach at in France. My only cooking heat sources are the gas burners and my microwave. Lucky to be here in such a wonderful part of the world, unlucky in heat sources 😅
MrsWheelbarrow November 22, 2018
Wow. Never actually thought about that. Here’s the thing. This stuffing is stirred together with all precooked ingredients and no egg, so yes, you could eat it that way, but what about the crispy parts? The very best parts, in my experience! To get that beautiful crisp, why not cook it in a cast iron skillet!! Now, if you don’t have a stove? Put that skillet in the grill. #myworkhereisdone
Merrill S. November 22, 2018
Hi Elena! What kind of heat source do you have? I wouldn't recommend making it in a microwave, as it will be very dense and gummy.
Elena M. November 22, 2018
I have a gas burning stove! Just no oven :(
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